The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) is seeking to establish a register of vehicle maintenance facilities to promote best management practices across the island.

This was disclosed during a Vehicle Maintenance Facilities seminar hosted by the EPD at the National Union of Public Workers’ Auditorium in Dalkeith, St. Michael, recently.

Environmental Technician at the EPD, Justin Yearwood, explained that the proposed register would take into account general information on the workshops; the design and dimensions of the work area; and proximity of the work area to sensitive receptors. It would also determine the type and volume of work conducted; pollution control measures; the storage of chemicals; waste disposal and safety measures.

He added that the aim of the register was to gradually get all registered facilities up to the EPD required standard, implement a permitting system, and reduce the environmental impact of emissions on the environment.

This register will be created, as a number of concerns have been raised surrounding the operations of vehicle maintenance facilities. Problems highlighted include emissions from sanding, spray painting, bodywork, welding, and fibre glass, improper waste disposal, and noise.

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