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The Planting Pride initiative will move to St. Peter this month, when a number of trees are planted at Roland Edwards Primary School, Battaley’s, tomorrow,  Friday, March 10, beginning at 8:30 a.m.

A partnership between The Productivity Council and the Community Independence Celebrations Secretariat, the Planting Pride initiative has as its theme: Securing Productivity Through our Communities.

It represents an important component of the National Year of Productivity, which is currently being observed to help citizens cultivate the “passion, spirit and culture” of productivity.

The purpose of the Planting Pride initiative is to highlight a different parish each month and engage the communities in this productivity drive.

Two trees will be planted in each parish, in the first instance, and the goal is to have those involved in the community pool their resources to ensure that the trees reach maturity.

The other key stakeholders in the Planting Pride initiative are: the National Conservation Commission, the National Botanical Gardens and the Soil Conservation Commission. They will provide trees and other technical guidance to successfully execute the programme.


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