Prime Minister David Thompson (FP)????

Too many young people are escaping "religious-based, moral education and society is paying the penalty in the form of widespread anti-social behaviour among our young people".

This view was expressed by Prime Minister David Thompson, last Saturday, during?? an address at the Installation and Awards Ceremony of the Morning Glory Community Group, at All Souls Church Hall, Bank Hall, St. Michael.

"Barbados cannot move forward with this level of ignorance, crime and violence. And, so, I appeal to all churches, denominations and faith-based organisations to recognise their role in society, to review their activities and reach out to those in need of spiritual upliftment and guidance," Mr. Thompson said.

He stressed, however, that one of the first decisions made by the Morning Glory Community Group when it was formed in 2006, was to put God first. And, he noted that armed with the power of the Spirit, it had been doing "good works" in every parish in Barbados.

"You have reached out to the most vulnerable groups in our society and have brought comfort, hope, sustenance and material necessities to them. You reach out and touch shut-ins and isolated Barbadians through the radio.

Every morning you can be heard comforting the sick, the lonely and the depressed. You have given support and recognition to differently-abled Barbadians," the Prime Minister observed.

Mr. Thompson also revealed that the organisation had plans to establish a centre where senior citizens could assemble, enjoy each other’s company and try to resolve a wide range of social, recreational and health challenges.

He explained that the strategy would be to go from community to community helping organisations to establish similar facilities for their senior residents. He added: "I wholeheartedly endorse this plan. I believe that it has tremendous potential. But of course, you cannot do it alone. I also have good news for you: You are not alone.

"Let me remind you that my Government is fully committed to targeting and aiding the most vulnerable members of our society. We recognise that in these trying times, the poor are invariably the ones who suffer most. We cannot add insult to injury by leaving the weakest members of our society to bear the brunt of a global economic recession on their own."

The Prime Minister also pointed out that the group depended on the generosity of benefactors in various communities, and appealed to successful entrepreneurs and professionals, as well as ordinary persons, to support it.

During the installation and awards ceremony, President, Errol Hurley, declared?? Mr. Thompson an honorary member of the Morning Glory Community Group. He also presented awards to Treasurer Jezzrie Bradshaw, who had served with distinction in that post from inception; proprietor of Bakers’ Mart, and a benefactor to the organisation, Anderson Nicholls; and Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite, for his outstanding achievements in athletics. Ryan’s award was accepted by his mother, Angela Young.

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