Prime Minister, David Thompson??

World Championship gold medallist, hurdler, Ryan Brathwaite’s achievements "are unique, but not so unique that other Barbadians cannot also do it".

This view was expressed by Prime Minister, David Thompson, at Ilaro Court today, after signing one of the congratulatory books for Ryan, who returns home this Thursday, September 17.

Mr. Thompson noted that in addition to Ryan’s accomplishments, Olympic bronze medallist, Obadele Thompson, had also "come near the top". This, he said, showed that "small countries like ours which provide whatever early assistance we can to our athletes, can lay the platform for their later success".

He added that government wanted to see a more active sports programme, a total redefinition of physical activity, physical education and preparation for sports in children. The Prime Minister explained that it was for this reason, that he had established the Task Force on Physical Exercise, chaired by his wife Mara Thompson.

"Barbados is spending significant sums of money on chronic diseases, [and] lifestyle diseases which are preventable. Of course, helping people, or requiring them to lead healthy lifestyles is not something that is easy, but again, I believe that with a national action plan, we can achieve those goals and we can also support the work of extraordinary young people like Ryan," Mr. Thompson observed.

The congratulatory book was also signed by outgoing British High Commissioner, Duncan Taylor, who had earlier paid a farewell call on the Prime Minister.

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