Prime Minister Freundel Stuart wants to see the relationship between the Barbados Workers??? Union (BWU) and the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB) restored, saying that the Social Partnership would be the richer for it.

While addressing the BWU???s May Day Celebrations recently at Browne???s Beach, Mr. Stuart said that having assisted in bringing the Social Partnership to fruition and being heavily involved in its development, the BWU could no longer remain outside of that partnership.

???I believe that the Social Partnership is good for Barbados and has been good for Barbados. It has had its problems, I have not always been pleased for the entire life of the social partnership with everything that happened with it, but on any objective evaluation, Barbados has been better off with the social partnership than it has been without it???

???I should like to make a call to the entire executive of the union, to let us sit down and talk this matter through and see how best we can get the family restored to its state of integrity, so that the workers of Barbados will continue to be the beneficiaries of the best advice, the quality input and leadership of the Barbados Workers??? Union,??? he stated.

Acknowledging that the BWU withdrew from CTUSAB on a matter of principle, the Prime Minister expressed the view that the Congress was not nearly as strong and effective as when it benefited from the input of the 74-year-old union.

He continued: ???I think all sides now recognise that the Barbados Workers??? Union is the most representative trade union in Barbados???. There is a distinction between having the most representative trade union and having the most representative workers congress ???.???

Mr. Stuart said that under the social partnership, challenges are dealt with on the basis of patient negotiation, good faith and common understanding. He added that over time, they had all seen the benefits of that kind of approach.

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