Prime Minister, David Thompson, addressing St. Gabriel School’s 2009 Valedictory Service.

"Whatever school you go to, you can be whatever you want to be, as long as you apply yourself, and work hard."

This advice was given to the class four students of St. Gabriel’s School by Prime Minister David Thompson recently, as he addressed the 2009 Valedictory Service at the school.

Mr. Thompson urged the students to set their targets, keep their eyes on the prize and make short, careful steps until they reach their destinations. "It is called planning out your life. Make up your mind early about what you want to be in life and take one step at a time. You may not get what you want or what people want for you immediately, but keep your eyes on your goal and you will reach it," he advised. ????????????????

The Prime Minister warned the pupils that they would encounter both good and bad things, and stressed the importance of listening to parents and teachers and of staying on the right path.

He also suggested to the parents that the children should be allowed to be children. "They should enjoy their childhood, and as parents and adults we must protect them. And I mean protect them morally, spiritually, physically and socially.

"We must give them time to play, dream, question us, be creative and just enjoy their childhood. We must not burden them with our fears and prejudices. We must give them a chance to test and think and we must expand their horizons every time the opportunity arises," Mr. Thompson recommended.

He added that fathers, in particular, were important, noting that "both boys and girls need a strong, responsible father-figure to bring balance and harmony to their lives."

The Prime Minister commended St. Gabriel’s School for producing well-rounded students who displayed a range of creative, practical, physical and academic skills. "I have decided that what makes this school a good centre of learning is the leadership that fosters partnership between Government, parents, teachers, retired educators, past and present students," he remarked.

He added that the wide range of curricular and extra-curricular subjects available at the school and the quality of supervision also contributed to the institution’s success.

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