Prime Minister David Thompson (right) chats with the media following a tour of the Crane Resort and Residences. Pictured at left is Managing Director of the luxury resort, Paul Doyle.

The Crane Resort and Residences project has come in for high praise from Prime Minister David Thompson.

After touring the 40-acre property today, the Prime Minister said that he was impressed with the additional work that had taken place and noted that it was a project that the Government of Barbados gave “its encouragement and support to”.

He added: “It has created jobs, it obviously will earn foreign exchange for our country and I think it is located in a part of Barbados where those opportunities are extremely important.”

Mr. Thompson further stated that the development was in keeping with the kind of construction Government wanted to see take place in Barbados and the way in which the island should be marketed, particularly the tourism aspect.

He commended management of the resort for being able to sustain the venture for such a long time, especially since it “must have taken a lot, in terms of planning and execution, sequencing the financing; all of the other areas that are so important …”.
Managing Director of The Crane Resort and Residences, Paul Doyle, who accompanied the Prime Minister on the tour, explained that the second major phase of the expansion, the Park Residences, was presently being implemented and would continue for a few years.

“We currently have about 150 workers … we are being prudent [given] the economic times and we’ve downsized a little bit and slowed down while we watch what is happening; but we expect that as the world turns around we’ll ramp it back up to about the 350 to 400 worker number,” Mr. Doyle said.

Upon completion, The Crane Resort and Residences will feature five world class restaurants, a full service spa and “The Crane Village” retail and dining area. 

During the tour, the Managing Director also took the opportunity to update the Prime Minister on another project being developed called Anani (Amerindian for water flower).   

Mr. Doyle explained that the resort, which will be located close to the Culpepper Island, Skeetes Bay area, would feature modern, minimalist architecture, taking advantage of the views.

“We do all our own architecture and design, landscaping … everything. So what we’d like to do is to take our team of construction workers that has honed its skills here at the Crane and move it over to the next resort to continue for another six or eight years developing that one,” he stated.

Commenting on the Anani project, Prime Minister Thompson stressed that it would have to be considered by the Town and Country Planning and Coastal Conservation departments and was likely to have government’s support once it did not pose any threat to the environment, or the physical planning process. 

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