Prime Minister Owen Arthur believes that the newly-created website by the Town and Country Development Planning Office (TCDPO) will allow for greater “efficiency and effectiveness” of that department.

Speaking at the official launch today of at the Sherbourne Conference Centre, Mr. Arthur observed that the complaints made by persons about the length of time taken by TCDPO when conducting business “were legitimate concerns”.

“To this end,” he declared, “I strongly welcome the website. It allows for better information to the public and for the position where people doing business can do so online…I think it will make things better, more efficient and more effective.”

Chief Town Planner, Mark Cummins, pointed out that apart from being used as a tool for the dissemination of information to the public via the worldwide web, the site would provide a platform for receiving queries from the public.

Mr. Cummins explained that the development of the website was envisioned as three incremental phases.
Phase one, he stated, provided information about the department’s mandate, selected planning policies, advice on the submission of applications and other useful information.

On the other hand, phase two would provide for  access to the Statutory Register of Applications submitted to the Chief Town Planner as well as secured ‘public access’  to check the status of any formal application.

In the final phase, the extension of on-line services would include processing of application forms, partial processing of applications and interaction with external agencies.

“The launch introduces phase one of the project.  The main purpose of this phase is to establish a web presence that provides information to the public about the TCDPO and the services we offer.  The website will be updated dynamically and allow for news and current events to be incorporated easily,” the Chief Town Planner remarked.  

Currently, the site has links with Coastal Zone Management Unit, Land Valuation Department and the Barbados Government Information Service.

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