Prime Minister David Thompson points out an interesting section of the publication to author Edmund Bayley,??following the presentation ceremony at Ilaro Court. (Image: A. Miller)??

Prime Minister David Thompson was given a brief history lesson on post offices in Barbados, during a presentation yesterday by author Edmund Bayley, of a book entitled: "The History of Post Offices in Barbados".

Mr. Bayley highlighted certain aspects of the 30-chapter book, which covers just over 345 years of local postal service. It spans from 1663 when the Imperial Packet Agency was first established in Barbados on the instructions of King Charles II, up to the present time.

Mr. Thompson thanked the author for presenting him with a copy of "The History of Post Offices in Barbados", which he noted contained a significant amount of information which could prove useful, especially to primary school students doing projects.????

Stating that he had once been a stamp collector, but not a "true philatelist", the Prime Minister commended Mr. Bayley for writing the book, and wished him good luck with his sales.

The book also contains information on each of the district post offices, supported by photographs taken in circa 1950 and 2009; postage rates; airmail services and rates; and specific aspects of the postal system, such as registration, late fees and censorship arrangements.

Mr. Bayley has entered his book in the literature class of London 2010 Philatelic Exhibition, which will take place from May 8 to 10. The exhibition, is held every 10 years in London, and is the equivalent to the athletic Olympics.

"The History of Post Offices in Barbados" is his third publication, having previously published "The Stamps of Barbados" in 1989 and "The Stamps of Barbados – Volume II" in 2005.

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