Prime Minister, David Thompson,??greeting some of the teachers??of the Trinity Academy during his visit today.

"The dramatic technology-driven changes in our world, highlighted by the speed with which the current recession spread across the globe, make it necessary for us to revisit the curricula of our educational institutions at all levels."

Prime Minister David Thompson made this observation today, as he officially opened the Trinity Academy School located at Eagle Hall, St. Michael.

He noted that in April this year, a National Summit on Education was convened to discuss the issues impacting on the educational performance, behaviour and well-being of the country’s children and young people.

"The disturbingly high incidence of anti-social behaviour, the growth of the block culture, and the lack of legitimate enterprise among the products of our educational system, suggested that we were not preparing them adequately for the dynamic, competitive modern world," Mr. Thompson stated.

He recalled that as early as 2003, the National Commission on Law and Order had found that Barbadian children were not getting sufficient exposure to religious-based, moral education.

"Hence our children were falling victims to cultural penetration through the mass media. We therefore now have the phenomenon of young people becoming more and more marginalised, if not alienated, from the mainstream of our society, with serious negative consequences," the Prime Minister lamented.

Describing the new school as "a bold response" to those concerns, he said that it seemed to be getting the ingredients for a sound, modern education right. Mr. Thompson said that not only was Trinity Academy catching children early in their school careers, but was also addressing the identified problems by including certain disciplines and facilities.

"This academy has placed considerable emphasis on: leadership, spiritual development, the home-school link, highly qualified and skilled teachers, quiet reading and reflection, academic development, science, technology and creativity, small classes, careful monitoring and holistic development," the Prime Minister pointed out.

In his remarks, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Patrick Todd, reiterated his Ministry’s commitment to servicing the needs of private educational institutions. In this regard, he said that the Ministry was anxious to fill the vacant education officers’ posts.

He explained that they would then be able to "fully service and have oversight over the private educational institutions within our country, to ensure that best practices obtain in terms of the curriculum, as well as the total development of our children, including basic amenities such as adequate classroom space, furniture, the use of technology, and playing facilities".

Mr. Todd took the opportunity to invite members of the business community to adopt a school of their choice. "We must look at our children as the future leaders of our country. When we lay the foundation by investing heavily in their academic, spiritual and intellectual development, then we can be assured that our nation’s prosperity will flourish in years to come," he opined.?? ??????

Trinity Academy has a roll of 108 students and is led by Principal Dr. Michael Crichlow and Assistant Principal, Patricia Crichlow.

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