While educational attainment is important, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is making a case for persons to properly educate themselves to deal with the complexities of operating as human resource practitioners.

He made this observation today while addressing the Human Resource Management Association of Barbados Inc.???s one-day symposium. Themed: Taking HR Forward, the event was held at Radisson Aquatica Resort, Aquatic Gap, St. Michael.

Mr. Stuart said human resource practitioners needed a well-rounded education in order for them to make the working environment better for all employees.

???I have to make that point because here in Barbados and other parts of the Caribbean, I think we have reached the stage of what I would call a qualification neurosis. Everybody likes to boast about what piece of paper he or she has. It is a matter that concerns me [and] I have expressed myself on it before.???

He further stated: ???They seem no longer preoccupied with lifting people from where they are to new and higher levels. But rather, finding a piece of paper for every person where he or she is.

“So that you can say, you didn???t waste your time where you were; you still walked away with a piece of paper [but are] unable to meet some of the more important challenges required to make Barbados and the Caribbean a better place.???

The Prime Minister added that this was a situation which Barbados had to fight against, and warned that the gains registered as a society would not be kept if we relaxed our vigilance and stopped insisting on the pursuit of excellence.

???We have to set standards for ourselves and always trying at the workplace or wherever we go, to raise the gaze of people to new and hitherto unimagined horizons,??? he urged.


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