Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has congratulated Canada???s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, on his ???resounding victory??? in the recent general elections, assuring him of his Government???s support and cooperation.

In a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, Mr. Stuart said: ???Barbados and Canada have maintained a friendly, mature and constructive relationship in every sphere of engagement at all levels from the bilateral to the multilateral, and most importantly, within the Commonwealth.

???You are no doubt aware that with your election to office, you will begin what will most definitely be a very challenging and demanding mission. I offer you my best wishes for a rewarding first term in office and the assurance of the support and cooperation of my Government.???

Mr. Stuart added that it was his hope that both countries would continue to uphold the values of democracy, human rights and good governance, since they were important foundations for Canada and Barbados.

He continued: ???In the context of the Caribbean Community, I look forward to our common pursuit of new business and economic opportunities, as well as other initiatives of cooperation that serve to enrich the lives of our people.???

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