??Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, giving a pep talk to pupils of St. Paul’s primary. (A. Miller/BGIS)

Aim high and do your very best!

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart passed on these words of advice to students of Arthur Smith, St Paul’s and Bay Primary Schools, today, during a heart-to-heart talk with the class four pupils who will be writing this year’s Common Entrance Examination, next Tuesday, May 3.

Mr. Stuart advised the students not to be nervous and added: "Don’t let anybody put in your heads that if you do not go to school X or school Y or school Z, that something is wrong with you… but, wherever you go, there is a chance to learn, do your best and aim high to realise your dreams.?? That is the attitude that I want you to take to the exam, that you are going there to do your best."??

During the examination, the Prime Minister urged the students to study the questions carefully and understand the instructions being given, manage their time effectively to leave room to read over the paper and correct any mistakes.


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