Major Rosemarie Brown presenting Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart, with a copy of the book entitled: Determined to Conqueor – The History of the Salvation Army during a courtesy call yesterday at Ilaro Court. (C.Pitt/BGIS)??

The Salvation Army’s work in meeting the spiritual and humanitarian needs of scores of Barbadians has come in for high commendation.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart heaped accolades on the institution, which has been a part of the island’s landscape for more than a century, during a courtesy call yesterday by the Army’s newly installed Divisional Commander for Barbados and St. Lucia, Major Rosemarie Brown.

During the visit, the Prime Minister said he had followed the holistic ministry of the Salvation Army with great interest and was "quite impressed with it".

"I have asked myself, from time to time, were there no Salvation Army, would the Government be able to fill the breach which the Army so admirably fills??? I don’t see it … and long may the close relationship between government and the Salvation Army continue.?? Moreover, I think that the kind of work which you do here is quite important, since it relieves a lot of stress and hardship at the level of some of the most vulnerable in the society, and that kind of work is irreplaceable," Mr. Stuart remarked.

The Prime Minister pledged government’s continued assistance to the Salvation Army and added:?? "We are in this together, since our vision and our mission are the same, to exalt the humble and the meek".

Major Brown said the institution would continue to assist wherever possible and assured that it would "be faithful in the areas where the needs are the greatest".

Apart from its work in the international arena, the Divisional Commander alluded to the Army’s work in disaster relief and its relationship with the local Department of Emergency Management.

Major Browne presented Prime Minister Stuart with a copy of the book Determined to Conquer – The History of the Salvation Army.


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