Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has met with the top brass of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) to clarify matters pertaining to temporary employees in the public service following the presentation of this year’s Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals.

Mr. Stuart met yesterday with those officials, namely, President of the Union, Walter Maloney; General Secretary, Dennis Clarke and his Deputy Roslyn Smith. Also attending that meeting at Ilaro Court were Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Civil Service, Alyson Forte; Acting Chief Personnel Officer, Margaret Mayers; and Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, Sonja Welch.

The Prime Minister underscored the critical role the NUPW has to play in helping its membership and said it was, therefore, necessary to put all the issues into perspective so the union could advise accordingly.

He said: ???I met with the relevant Government officials and we have put in place a set of procedures that will govern the process which was outlined in the Budget. The Ministries and Departments are expected to gather all relevant information by September 30, 2013, for the analysis of the existing financial situation.

???That analysis will put us in a position to assess the real impact of the 10 per cent cut in Government’s expenditure on the emoluments of temporary employees, persons in acting positions and substitutes.???

Mr. Stuart reminded the union officials that Government’s fiscal adjustment programme, which was announced in the Budget, would be done over a 19-month period. ???And, we intend to meet this 19-month programme of targets, not in a chaotic way, but in a clear and humane way,??? he declared.

The Prime Minister reiterated that Government was currently dealing with some stubborn economic challenges which had to be tackled now, so as to put the country back on a growth path.??

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