Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart??answers??reporter’s questions yesterday at Ilaro Court. (A.Miller/BGIS)??

As the long-running Alexandra School Inquiry enters its final phases, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said nothing he has heard so far has caused him "any disquiet".

He made this comment yesterday while fielding questions from reporters at the end of a tour of Ilaro Court by 47-campers of Unique Helping Hands Summer Camp.

Mr. Stuart explained that he had opted not to follow the day-to-day evidential revelations but, instead, was awaiting the final report from the Commissioner, Frederick Waterman.

"I do not want my mind to be anyway jaundiced by anything that I read nor do I want to form any particular impressions about anything so, I steered very clear of what was going on with the Commission of Inquiry," he added.

Mr. Stuart said he was more concerned that the administrative arrangements put in place for the commission were "functioning effectively so that the commissioners could get through with their work".

The Prime Minister affirmed: "I await any recommendations that are made in respect of the commissioner’s work and, thereafter, we will take it from there."


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