Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has lauded the Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society for the ???impressive work??? it has been doing for that vulnerable segment of the community.

Mr. Stuart showered praise on the group recently when Chairman of the Society, Kemar Saffrey; Vice Chairman Imran Richards; Board Member Shawn Clarke, Trustee Patrick Rowe and Executive Assistant to the Chairman, Kneka Hope, paid him a courtesy call at Government Headquarters.

He said he was pleased that there are people in Barbados, and more remarkably young people, who have the capacity to feel other people???s pain, enter their lives and transform them.

He told the group: ???You are filling some gaps about which any government would be concerned and you are doing very good work. I want to congratulate you for the very good sense of citizenship which has inspired you to get into a programme of this kind.???

Pointing out that some people would classify that kind of work as unpleasant, the Prime Minister insisted, however, that it was work which had to be done.

Mr. Saffrey said there were a number of areas on which his organisation, which focuses on the rehabilitation of homeless persons, would like to collaborate with Government.

He stated that the Society had been able to change many lives since it was established in 2009, and he was looking forward to its expansion so more people could be assisted to get off the streets and be reintegrated into society.

He informed that there were many plans for the Society, some of which were outlined to the Prime Minister. He added that the organisation has been working closely with other agencies and had received much assistance from Corporate Barbados.

Mr. Stuart said he was happy to hear that Corporate Barbados had been responsive to what the Society was doing, especially since every life redeemed makes Barbados a better place. ???I assure you that wherever we can assist in making your task easier I will ensure that we do so,??? he said, committing himself to following up on the issues discussed.

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