Prime Minister David Thompson (FP)??

The possibility of having a moratorium on wages is expected to be discussed this Friday, February 19, when Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, David Thompson meets with the social partnership.

He made this disclosure last Thursday, during his first quarterly press conference for the year, which was televised live from Ilaro Court.

Mr. Thompson told the media that there was a lot on the meeting’s agenda, because, "as a precursor to the economic consultation there are specific initiatives that are being pursued in the economy and in the society".

He said that the social partnership currently had before it the impact of the increase in local water rates. "Obviously I expect to be hauled over the coals by the private sector and the social partnership for the size of the increase; and government has to defend why, in these circumstances, it is necessary to do it for environmental and for other reasons," the Prime Minister stated.

He added that concerns from the Catholic Church in relation to a more humane society in Barbados, and issues related to specific scenarios where government and the workers’ representative had matters unresolved, would also be discussed at Friday’s meeting.

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