Managing Director of L&N Workshop Inc., Norman Edwards, points out to Prime Minister, David Thompson,??the maintenance taking place on a bus during yesterday’s tour.????

A local recycling manufacturer is urging Barbadians to "get on board" in the reduce, reuse and recycle campaign.

This appeal has come from owner and operator of B’s Bottle Depot and Metal Recycling at Cane Garden, St. Thomas, Paul Bynoe. ??After a tour of his plant by Prime David Minister Thompson yesterday, he told members of the media that valuable foreign exchange could be saved and more jobs created from recycling.

He said that many items, such as old refrigerators, stoves, cars and washing machines were being sent to the landfill and this should not be happening.

"Eighty-five percent of what is going to the landfill should be recycled and this whole issue of illegal dumping must stop," Mr. Bynoe remarked.

"Why would someone take an old fridge, an old stove or a car and carry it and dump it alongside the road when they can bring it here and get some money for it?" Mr. Bynoe queried.

Stating that it was his hope that Government would institute a policy where people would not take those things to the landfill, the businessman said, given the opportunity, he would triple his staff of 63, in addition to the approximately "200 or so persons who collect bottles and get paid for that task."

Prime Minister Thompson lauded Mr. Bynoe’s efforts, noting he was "a pioneer in this area and you have my full backing."?? He, however, stressed that a couple of issues needed to be resolved such as an alternative location that would be more suitable for Mr. Bynoe’s business.

He added: "Barbadians need to visit this depot, so that they can understand the importance of recycling and the challenges that Government faces in maintaining the Mangrove Landfill."

The Prime Minister also toured L&N Workshop Inc., an auto-mechanical-maintenance enterprise, where Managing Director, Norman Edwards observed that "despite the current economic downturn business has been thriving."

"What people have sought from us is maintenance.?? We tend to capitalise on that part of our business as we serve more clientele that way," he stated.

The Managing Director added that "before the year is out, we will be looking to acquire another 64,000 square feet of land, as well as boost production and manufacturing on a larger scale, whilst creating more jobs."

Prime Minister Thompson pointed out that any business that had a high level of creativity, while filling a need domestically, would do well.

"People and government have to do more to support these enterprises.?? It is always good to see someone take up that mission, and businesses like this will continue to expand in this current environment as they have to fill a niche market, and they must be given support," Mr. Thompson said.

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