Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has welcomed the news of LIME???s plans to invest $1 billion in the Caribbean over the next three years.

He made the comments recently, while meeting with LIME???s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Caribbean, Martin Roos; the CEO for Barbados, Oliver Chatten; Chief Financial Officer and Commercial Director in Barbados, Patrick Hinkson; and Corporate Communications and Public Relations Manager, Marilyn Sealy, at Ilaro Court.

Mr. Stuart said that at one time it was rumoured that the company was losing interest in this region and he was happy to hear that was not the case, especially since the Caribbean and Cable and Wireless, LIME???s parent company, had a long history.

Mr. Roos had told the Prime Minister earlier that some of the forceful measures the organisation took one year ago had paid off, the business had been stabilised and some of the markets were being turned around. He added that they were growing markets in the Caribbean and addressing important issues.

The Prime Minister said he was pleased to hear that LIME???s sacrifices had paid off and expressed optimism that Government???s would bring the same result.??During the wide-ranging discussions, Mr. Stuart stressed that it was necessary to put in place all the stimuli needed for young people to take off and suggested that mentorship was an indispensable tool for the leap forward.

He stated that Barbados supports the single ICT space that CARICOM has been pushing and said Government was willing to do what was necessary to facilitate it.??According to him, it was necessary to build smart partnerships because modern states did not have at their disposal all that was required by their citizens.??

Mr. Roos expressed his organisation???s commitment to assisting young people. He added that continuous investment in cutting-edge technologies remained high on its list of priorities to ensure sustained growth.

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