Prime Minister David Thompson,??greeting Ambasador-designate to the People’s Republic of China during a courtesy call at Ilaro Court.

The arrival of Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford in China as Barbados’ first Ambassador to that Republic is anxiously awaited.

This is according to Prime Minister David Thompson, who made the comment during a recent courtesy call with Sir Lloyd at Ilaro Court.

Citing the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium as an example, the Prime Minister opined that relations with China had been strengthened during Sir Lloyd’s tenure as Prime Minister. He said, therefore, that he expected priority projects such as the expansion of the National Stadium, renovations at Queen’s Park and the restoration of the Empire Theater building, to come on stream, once Sir Lloyd assumed office.

Mr. Thompson also briefed Sir Lloyd on some of the other areas with which he could assist the Government during his tour of duty. These included the recapitalisation of the LIAT fleet of aircraft; a contribution by the Republic of China to the CARICOM Development Fund; an increase in the number of cultural exchanges between the two nations; and the possibility of establishing direct air links.

In addition, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of capitalising on the Shanghai 2010 World Exposition, which is expected to be attended by large numbers of business persons. He told Sir Lloyd, that the Exposition would also be an opportunity to explore the potential in tourism and should be taken advantage of.???? ????

"We see China as a frontier and you are good at leading Barbados into new frontiers, so we look forward to your energy and enthusiasm," Mr. Thompson said.??

In turn, Sir Lloyd thanked the Prime Minister and the Government of Barbados for assigning him to what he anticipated would be a "challenging responsibility".???? He promised that he would endeavour to do his best and noted that once given the necessary resources, he would pursue the "wide and deep interests" the Prime Minister had proposed.

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