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1. Where do I log in to apply for my police certificate of character online?

Persons applying for a police certificate of character may do so by logging on to www.forms.gov.bb/CertificateOfCharacter or by visiting the Royal Barbados Police Force’s Facebook page and fill out the application form.

2. How long after I apply for the certificate will I have to wait to receive it?

If there are no issues persons will receive their certificate within a 24-hour to 48-hour period, after payment. However, direct debit takes three (3) working days to process.

3. Will the cost be increased from $20?

The cost for the certificate remains at $20.

4. How do I pay for a certificate of character?

Persons can pay online through Governments’ EZPAY+ payment platform or pay with cash at Post Offices island-wide.

5. What do I need in order to pay online through EZPAY+?

Persons must be registered with EZPAY+ in order to pay with a credit card, mMoney or through direct debit.

6. If I am not registered with EZPAY+ (mMoney, direct debit or credit card), how would I be able to make my payments?

Persons may also pay for their certificate by printing and taking the PDF application emailed to them to any post office island-wide and pay with cash.

7. Can I make payments at the post office using my credit or debit card?

Only cash payments will be facilitated at the post offices.

8. How should I submit the application to my potential employer, educational institution or person requiring the police certificate of character?

Persons can pay for their certificates online through Governments’ EZPAY+ payment platform or with cash at Post Offices islandwide. (Stock Photo)

Police certificate of character may be submitted via email or in hard copy to those who require them.

9. Is there a hotline number I can call if I experience difficulties?

Yes. You may call the hotline number at the Police Certificate of Character Office on Pinfold Street, Bridgetown at 430-7677 or 228-0131.

10. What happens if I have a conviction?

If you have a conviction/s that information would be stated on your certificate of character.

11. How secure is the website with person’s bank details?

Measures have been taken to ensure that your electronic transactions are secure and that your personal and banking information is protected.

12. What is the validity period for the certificate?

Acceptance of the certificate of character by the individual/entity requesting the document determines its validity.

13. How would the issue of fingerprinting be managed under the new system?

Fingerprinting would still be undertaken for regional/international entities requesting such information, but would be processed separately. However, if necessary, fingerprints would still be taken under the new system.

14. How soon will payments at the post office be updated to the system?

Payment information would be updated at the end of each working day.

15. Can a person still visit the Office of the Police Certificate of Character?

A person can visit the office if assistance is needed with the application only, however no payments can be made at the office.

Royal Barbados Police Force

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