Commissioner of Police, Richard Boyce, speaking during a press conference at Government Headquarters today. (PMO)

Commissioner of Police, Richard Boyce, has given the assurance that Crop Over events will be safe for patrons as they will be well policed by members of the Barbados Police Service (BPS).

Commissioner Boyce was speaking during a press conference at Government Headquarters today, where he, along with Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Dale Marshall, was addressing matters relating to crime in Barbados.

He stated: “I can assure the public that we in the Barbados Police Service will be with them out in the field, moving to and fro….  If it is one thing that the Barbados Police Service can say is … history will show that over time we have delivered quality policing to those types of events, and we are well trained. We have the experience, and we can say upfront that we were preparing for such events for over a period of time.  So, we know where to put our resources; how to go about our planning; what strategies to put in place, and to be there up front, before any activity begins.”

The Commissioner added that from the outset when it was announced that Crop Over would take place, the BPS met, discussed and planned “the best way we can police Crop Over”.  He said they looked at all possible scenarios and are well prepared for any eventuality.

Speaking specifically about the spike in firearm-related crimes, Mr. Boyce said this type of violence would not be tolerated, and BPS officers would do what was necessary to remove firearms from the streets, so residents could go about their daily lives without fear of being harmed.

“The quality of life for persons in Barbados must be at its best.  Persons must be allowed to move freely about communities doing their businesses, whether it is school, whether it is having a lime, football, wherever it is, persons must go unimpeded ….

“I can assure the Barbadian public that the officers in the Barbados Police Service will be looking after their welfare, their safety, their comfort, and that is the remit of our officers, day and night….  That is our intent in dealing with this firearm crime,” Commissioner Boyce stressed.

Attorney General Marshall commended the BPS for the service it has provided, and urged the public to assist the police when they conduct investigations surrounding criminal activities.

“The Barbados Police Service has been doing an amazing job…. Commissioner, on behalf of all of Barbados, let me thank you, your men and women, [and] the civilian staff of the service for serving us diligently in the way that you have in difficult circumstances. And I want all of Barbados to respond to that hard work by taking the police into their confidence and working with them wherever possible to make sure that we get a good result,” he stated.

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