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The Barbados Statistical Service (BSS) will be conducting the 2020 Population and Housing Census, starting Monday, August 3. The theme is ‘Our Nation, Our Future, Be Counted’.

This official count/survey of the population is usually conducted every ten years. The last census was conducted in 2010, with the new one being scheduled to take place last year. However, as a result of the of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was delayed until 2021.

Census Day, which will be observed on Sunday, August 1, is the date to which all respondent’s will relate when responding to questions, for example, your employment status, as of August 1.

Enumeration will begin on Monday, and personnel conducting the interviews will be easily identifiable as they will be wearing pink, branded polo shirts, and have their BSS-issued identification card prominently displayed on their person. 

They will operate in accordance with the COVID-19 protocols and respondents are urged to do the same. All data collected will be kept confidential.  

Persons are encouraged to fully cooperate as the new information collected will aid in informing the development of policies and programmes to improve the island’s social and economic development.


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