Young persons who are willing to work to accomplish their goals have been praised by Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley.

Speaking at the launch of BimRock Magazine at the Old Spirit Bond Mall in Bridgetown, Mr. Lashley said: ???We are living in a new world of creativity and ???. what will take Barbados out of its present economic challenges are persons like these young people, those who are willing to dream big things and are willing to put elbow grease behind their thoughts and passions.???

BimRock Magazine, a monthly interactive digital lifestyle publication featuring videos, is led by eight young persons who benefited from shared office space and business services under the Commission for Pan African Affairs??? Social Identity Renewal and Integrated Upliftment Strategy (SIRIUS) project.

He explained that the SIRIUS project helped to create vigour, enthusiasm and a platform for projects such as BimRock Magazine to emerge.??Praising founder Kishmar Shepherd and the team, the Culture Minister encouraged others to be just as proactive as the BimRock Magazine group in overcoming unemployment and economic challenges.

???I don???t use the word recession anymore, because the game has shifted, that is all. The old rules of economic engagement no longer hold true for many of our small developing countries and by extent many of the larger countries have shifted their game.

Mr. Lashley pointed out he believed the BimRock Magazine team was on the right path to helping the economy earn foreign exchange and correct its fiscal deficit – a path which he said could be corrected by ???doing??? as oppose to ???complaining???.

???Sharing a passion and excitement has brought these young people together. They have found a unity of purpose in a product, that has the capacity in my view to be revolutionary and to take the world by storm even in difficult economic circumstances,??? he reasoned.

The magazine???s team is led by publisher, Kishmar Shepherd and editor-in-chief, Rachelle Gray. The other members are Rodney Gittens, Gigi Farier, Dj Puffy, Victoria Bristol, Carlos Brathwaite and Leandro Stuart.??Persons can view the magazine online at

Author: Shamkoe Pil??

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