Come Crop Over 2013, fete promoters may see the implementation of an on-line application process.

This disclosure came from Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, who cited the need for "some changes… to be made to the regulations governing the holding of Crop Over fetes to ensure that the system does not act as a hindrance to promoters."

The Minister was, at the time, delivering the feature address at the 2012 Crop Over Awards Ceremony at the Frank Collymore Hall, last Saturday night.

He noted that "Crop Over happens once a year and brings economic benefit to our country [and] …must, therefore, be allowed to occur within an atmosphere of tolerance and togetherness."

Minister Lashley, however stated that while there was a need to be reasonable in the staging of Crop Over fetes, "at the same time, safeguards must be built into the system to control abuse and protect persons in the enjoyment of their private spaces."


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