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Barbadians interested in taking up post graduate training in Environmental Management for Developing and Emerging Countries being offered by the Technische Universitat in Dresden, Germany are reminded that the deadline for the submission of application forms and documentation is Wednesday, June 1.

The exercise is a collaborative effort between the United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, the Federal German Ministry for the Environment and the Federal Environmental Agency of Germany.

Four courses are being offered in the areas of Integrated Land Use Management, Climate Change Adaptation, Waste Management and Integrated Environmental Management.?? The first three subjects will be for a duration of three to four weeks, while the fourth is a post graduate certification and is expected to be taught over a six-month period.?? All instruction will be in English.??

Interested persons may download application forms and brochures for each course at www.tu-dresden.de/cipsem.?? (KRM/BGIS)


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