As part of the celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the opening the Panama Canal, and in recognition of the contribution made by Barbadians in its construction, the Philatelic Bureau of the Barbados Postal Service will launch a Commemorative Stamp Issue on Friday, August 15.

The issue will feature five stamps and a First Day Cover along with a Limited Edition which will also be produced as a part of this issue.

The stamps and their values are as follows: 10? for the 1909, SS Ancon Arrival at Cristobal; 65? 1912, for the Track Shifting Gang; $1.00 for the 1913, Rock Slide at Gold Hill; $2.00 for the 1914, Moving Building; $3.00 for the 1915, Floor Slab on Rock or $6.75 for the set of five stamps. The First Day Cover will cost $7.50.

The Panama Canal is recognised as one of the United States??? greatest engineering accomplishments. Approximately 60, 000 Barbadians migrated to Panama and worked under hostile and demanding conditions in harsh terrain. Their work was impacted by constant landslides, diseases, sickness and the vagaries of the weather.

However, they made a valuable contribution to the socio-economic development of Barbados, and the remittances they sent back home played a vital role in improving the livelihood of their families in Barbados

The Panama Canal was officially opened on August 15, 1914 with the passage of the cargo ship SSA Ancon. Considered as one of the ???Seven Wonders of the Modern World???, the Panama Canal continues to be regarded as one of the world???s busiest waterways.

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