Children from secondary schools across the island will have an opportunity to show off their creativity while contributing to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The Bureau of Gender Affairs is sponsoring a poster competition entitled “In the other’s shoe” for children between the ages of 11 and 18. A group of two to five males or females must design a poster targeting the opposite sex and encouraging behavioural change that would contribute to a reduction in the spread of the virus.

Participants may submit work in any medium of their choice, including computer-generated creations, provided that all components are original. The deadline for entries is October 31 and competitors may obtain further information by contacting the Bureau at telephone number 431-0850.

A prize-giving ceremony will be held on December 1, where attractive prizes will be presented to outstanding students. All entries will be displayed later in a public exhibition.

The aims of the competition are to help children understand the gender dimensions of HIV/AIDS, develop their research skills as well as those necessary for group work and increase their knowledge about the virus.

Acting Director of the Bureau, John Hollingsworth, said that several schools were sensitised about the competition during the third term and from the reports received, “they are quite excited about participating in it.

“We really want the children to take part in this competition because it will give them an opportunity to not only learn about the disease and thereby protect themselves, but empathise with those who have it,” Mr. Hollingsworth stated.

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