Staff of the Ministry of Economic Affairs have been praised for their dedication by Senator Jepter Inc.

The comments were made today as he presented Acting Chief Economist, Derek Gibbs, with the first ever Economist of the Year award during a brief ceremony at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Warrens Office.

Senator Ince lauded the department and Mr. Gibbs for their hard work for helping to stabilise the Barbadian economy?? in what he described as one of the worst economic recessions.

"This is a typical example of when you bring together the private sector and the public sector … look at what we have achieved in some of the most turbulent economic times.?? We have been able to stabilise the unemployment rate, stabilise the economy, and protect some of the vital sectors compared to other major countries that have much more resources than Barbados," he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gibbs thanked his workmates for their continued support, ??stating that it was achieved through team effort. "Let me say I don’t think it’s only my effort, I have to thank my colleagues for working with me and I must also give them praise and hope that they too will strive to achieve this award next year," he told those gathered.??

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