The cover of the publication??"Tots 2 Teens: Prayers for young People" by Cheryl Harewood.??

The publishing of the book "Tots 2 Teens: Prayers for young People" has been termed "very timely".??

Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Patrick Todd, made this observation yesterday at the launch of this new publication at the St. Stephen’s Primary School.

Expressing pleasure about its layout, quality of print, content, and photos, Mr. Todd said the prayers were very relevant to our experience in the Caribbean and should be internalised by all Barbadians, especially school children.?? He suggested that by doing so, it would help them to adopt a sense of morality.????

The Minister of State remarked: "There is indeed a role for moral and religious education within the school system and the psyche of our people…When we see some of the senseless killing, robbery and rape, heinous crimes sometimes carried out teenagers in Barbados and around the world, we ask ourselves if they don’t feel guilty

for their transgressions.?? This sense of morality and conscience comes from our religious and moral foundation."????

Mr. Todd called on all Barbadians to meditate on the prayers in the publication and seek to become model citizens because, according to him, "if we don’t have a conscience there would be chaos and mayhem within our country.

"There would be a breakdown of law and order and the basic rights and comforts which we take for granted today may not be available to us and future generations.?? We must look to our moral mores to seek guidance in terms of how we conduct our lives on issues such as adultery, promiscuity, fornication and other sensitive matters," he opined.??

The book, which has prayers for everyone, was written by journalist Cheryl Harewood.??

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