Supervisor of Elections, Angela Taylor. (FP)

Preparations for the by-election in the Constituency of St. George North this Wednesday, November 11, are going well, says Supervisor of Elections, Angela Taylor.

She pointed out that the election training and other tasks, which were expanded because of the COVID-19 environment, had been completed.

Mrs. Taylor reminded those going to the polling stations that strict COVID-19 protocols will be in place and the wearing of masks, temperature checks, hand sanitizing and social distancing will be enforced to ensure the safety of electors and election workers.

She added that voters 65 years and over would be queued separately, wherever possible, and would be allowed to vote ahead of others.

She is therefore urging the cooperation of voters who are in line, as persons 65 years and over, expectant mothers, persons with disabilities, and persons who may otherwise be in the ‘vulnerable’ category will be fast tracked.

The Supervisor of Elections urged the constituents to follow the instructions of the health and safety election workers at the polling stations.

Meanwhile, registered electors are reminded that they should take their Identification Card (ID) when attending the polling stations at which they are entitled to vote.

Any elector who has lost or misplaced the ID may present a valid passport or driving licence but if none of these documents exist, he/she is still entitled to vote and should attend the polling station.

Voters are also reminded that the use of all communication devices, such as smart phones, smart watches and smart pens, is prohibited in the polling station.

They must be left at the desk before proceeding to the polling booth and must be retrieved after marking the ballot and completing the voting process.

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