Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, receiving a copy of the book ???Preserving Paradise’ from its editor Professor Sean Carrington, while President of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, Dr. Trevor Carmichael looks on. (C. Pitt/BGIS)??

Preserving the land as well as the ocean should be a top priority for all persons.

This was underscored by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, as he addressed a book launch of Preserving Paradise, a series based on the life and work of environmentalist, Dr. Colin Hudson and edited by Professor Sean Carrington. The ceremony was held today at the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, The Garrison.

The Prime Minister stated that although there was much emphasis being placed on the green economy, it was also imperative to pay attention to the ocean, or as it was now being referred to as ???the blue economy’- since both were essential to man’s survival.

He said: "We have peculiar concerns, of course, as Small Island Developing States …And, having regard to the fact that in many respects islands have more wealth hidden in the oceans than on land – the land that the people occupy;?? it is important that islands pay particular attention to how the oceans are governed and how the oceans are used."

He noted that in addition to Barbados committing itself to being the best green economy in the Caribbean, Latin America and the Americas, at the international level, the island had been instrumental in ensuring that the subject of the blue economy was also placed high on the table.

"So, that we have put [the blue economy] on the agenda as well– we, along with the Small Island Developing States and the Pacific- the issue of not just the green economy now but because a lot of the wealth of islands is to be found in the oceans. And, I was pleased to see that the report that was eventually agreed upon by the panel on which I sat has taken cognizance of the blue economy and the green economy and,

therefore, when we go to Rio in June, these are some of the issues which I will be championing. And, for the further recognition of which I will be agitating," the Prime Minister stated.

Concerning the subject of environmental degradation, he noted?? that as a result of the quest to consume more and more and of those who produce to satisfy that desire, mankind had "launched an assault on the environment".

He added: "There are certain costs- what economists call externalities which are not priced when we launch these assaults on the environment. When we mow down trees; [and] embark on deforestation activities on a grand scale. When we pursue production paths that threaten our water supply and all those other things that we do in the name of making people happier and in the name of raising the level of popular satisfaction. Sometimes, the cost and very often the cost to the environment is incalculable."

Consequently, the Prime Minister maintained that it was imperative that a sensible balance was necessary "for our comfortable survival and what the environment needs and what the planet needs for its sustainable survival as well."


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