The Parties, Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Ltd. and Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU), met under my Chairmanship today and it was agreed that the letters of redundancy which were issued to the employees by Cable and Wireless on July 30, 2009 will be withdrawn with immediate effect.

The Parties further agreed that they will continue the consultation process with each other on the need for and methods of separation of any employees whom the company may be contemplating for separation or redundancy.

The Parties acknowledged that though mis-steps occurred during the process that the guiding principles of Protocol V on Redundancy will obtain in the continuing negotiations and that consultation will take place in an atmosphere of trust, transparency and commitment towards an amicable settlement in the shortest possible period.

The Parties accept that though there was a departure from the normal?? Industrial Relations practice there is an overriding responsibility to pursue future labour management relations consistent with the terms contained in their collective agreement and particularly by the provisions of the Protocol V.

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