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The Chief Welfare Officer is advising the public, especially the business community, to be on the lookout for Welfare Grants in the sum of $280.00.

The cheques, dated August 23 and September 7, 2017, have the corresponding National Registration Numbers 580205-0022 and 690511-0068, are not to be honoured as they present with some irregularities.

Any person in possession of, or having knowledge of someone in possession of these Grants, is asked to contact the Chief Welfare Officer at 535-1001 or email welfare.department@barbados.gov.bb . Persons are also advised that they should contact the Fraud Department of the Royal Barbados Police Force at 430-7195.

The Chief Welfare Officer is appealing for cooperation in this matter and asks that all presented Welfare Grants be placed under the highest scrutiny.

The Welfare Department

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