The Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) is proud to present its Pride and Industry Campaign, the aim of which is to encourage all Barbadians to lend a helping hand to rebuild this great island and navigate the challenges of the global economic recession.

Over the next couple of months, we will be highlighting the projects and programmes which government is undertaking to steer the local economy back onto a positive growth path.

Monthly updates will be given in critical areas which are aptly referred to as the drivers of the economy, including Tourism, Industry, Commerce, International Trade, Small Business Development, Agriculture and Alternative Energy.

We believe that through this campaign Barbadians would realise their resilience and ability to surmount any obstacle. We hope that they would also believe that working hard and producing more and of a better quality could help this country rise above the present challenges, and most importantly, that working together is the only way forward for Barbados.

In addition, the BGIS will focus on those ???proud sons and daughters of the soil??? who are contributing to making this country better, whether through starting their own businesses, generating employment, and/or earning valuable foreign exchange.

It is hoped that through this exercise, Barbadians will have a better understanding of the challenges this country is facing and be encouraged to play their part in taking our beloved Barbados forward.??Our campaign will commence with a 30 minute television programme which takes a closer look at the economic and environmental benefits of recycling to Barbados. We hope you will enjoy it. The programme entitled ???The Business of Recycling??? may be viewed by clicking here.

The BGIS will also launch a new web and television series entitled ???Awkward Thumbs???, where viewers can get some tips about starting their own backyard garden, which in turn could help to reduce their grocery bills.??There will be additional television and radio programmes, press releases and features, radio and television spots and web galleries and downloads which will focus on this important theme.

Barbados can and will overcome these challenges. Our greatest resource remains our people and with ???Pride and Industry: Together We Achieve???.

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