One million dollars is how much it is estimated that the repairs to 22 primary schools across the island will cost Government this summer.

The primary schools which stand to benefit from the programme, which falls under the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, are: All Saints, Belmont, Charles F. Broome, Eden Lodge, Gordon Walters, Holy Innocent’s, Roland Edwards, Society, St. Bartholomew’s, St. Martin’s Mangrove, Welches, Bayley’s, Boscobel, Eden Lodge Nursery, Erdiston Nursery School, Hillaby/Turner’s Hall, Milton Lynch, Selah, St. Alban’s, St. Joseph, St. Stephen’s Nursery, and Wilkie Cumberbatch.

While the refurbishment programme will place emphasis on windows, doors and floors; some six schools are expected to have repairs done to their roofs; three others will add nutrition rooms, while there will be an added covered walkway to one school.

According to the Ministry, the repairs are not expected to impact the use of the schools as hurricane shelters.

Acting Project Manager of the Ministry’s Education Project Implementation Unit (EPIU), Richard Harrison, noted that "the repairs which started on Monday, June 27 are scheduled to end on Monday, August 22, in time for school which officially re-opens on Thursday, September 1 for teachers, and September 5, for students.

"This is to give principals and teachers at least a full week of availability to the completed sites before the children return to their classrooms, and to ensure everything is comfortable," said Mr. Harrison.

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