(middle) Stephen Lashley, Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth; tests his batting skills with the Kiddy Cricket kits presented by??Claire Jordan, Senior Manager in Marketing at Scotiabank; as Erskine King, Director of the National Sports Council watches, on Monday,??at the National Sports Council’s headquarters. (A.Miller/BGIS)

Primary schools in Barbados, both public and private, now have a better opportunity to enhance their students’ cricketing skills.??

This is because the National Sports Council (NSC) has received kits for each school through Scotiabank’s Kiddy’ Cricket Programme.

Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, accepted the kits yesterday during a handing over ceremony at the headquarters of the NSC at Blenheim, St. Michael.?? Each kit consists of two bats, two balls, stumps with bales and a pair of cones.

Expressing his gratitude on behalf of the schools and the National Sports Council, Minister Lashley stated, "We are happy to be the recipients of your generosity."

Acknowledging that Scotiabank was an avid supporter of youth and sports development, the Sports Minister praised the Bank for offering support in critical areas.?? "We know one of the most expensive components in the training of our young cricketers, is of course, the provision of gear and equipment.?? Scotiabank continues to blaze a trailand is an example in giving back to the community and demonstrating faith in our young people."

He noted that increasingly youngsters were becoming attracted to basketball, golf and other sports. ??Minister Lashley, however, stressed it was paramount for Barbadian youngsters to be enthralled with cricket. ??The Sports Minister cited the provision of cricket gear along with coaching from the NSC as a good investment for Barbados and West Indies cricket.?? "We know that it is only by investing in our young people that we can again return to the glory of where the West Indies were only a couple of years ago."

Senior Manager in Marketing at Scotiabank, Claire Jordan, handed over the kits to Minister Lashley and Director of Sports at the NSC, Erskine King.?? She emphasised that it represented a "continuation of Scotiabank’s passion for the game."


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