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The future of Barbados is in the hands of every single Barbadian.

This is according to Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, who has also issued a clarion call for Bajans by birth, descent, marriage and choice, to join together and raise their children, save families and make Barbados safe.

“This is our country; this is our Barbados and it will be as good as we make it…,” she said, as she addressed those gathered at River Bay, St. Lucy for We Gatherin’ at De Bay, yesterday.

The Prime Minister disclosed that she intended to outline a seven-year plan during an address to the nation, but called on Bajans to hold hands with her as the difference would come out when the majority stood up for Barbados.

“It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a nation to save a family.  We have a lot of families who need a little extra, not just from the government, not just from the church, but from the neighbours; from the people who work with them; from the people who live in front of them and behind them, and next to them; from the people who used to keep in front of their house clean, but because somebody had a stroke in the house they can’t do it anymore.  So, what is stopping you from helping them to keep it clean?

“This was the same body that when your father was out to sea used to help your mother help feed the children.  This is the same people when your mother had to work shift would carry you to Sunday school and ensure that you get a moral grounding in this country.  This country is best when we take people from all different backgrounds and we come together,” the Prime Minister stressed.

Ms. Mottley added that Government had determined it was not just about having a message at the national level, but it had to be one along the byways and highways of the country, the “nooks and crannies” and the villages and parishes.

“This 2020 is about us coming together; talking with, not to each other; not at each other.   We are going to raise children and we are going to save families,” Prime Minister Mottley declared.

She added that the efforts of everyone, and not just the police, was needed to make Barbados safe.  “No matter how hard the police work…the ultimate determinant of how safe this country is, is you and your family, your children and grandchildren.  Every one of us has a duty to be able to carry along people and help them to resolve conflict. We did it before and we can do it again,” she stated.

Ms. Mottley explained that We Gatherin’ was designed to allow persons to make connections with families, schools, churches, cricket clubs, dance groups, and cultural groups.

“As you make that connection again, this country can only go to the next level as many hands makes light work,” she stated.


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