Prime Minister David Thompson??

Young persons need to employ new, more efficient and creative ways of doing business.

This was the message from Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, David Thompson, as he delivered the feature address recently at the quarterly meeting of the Barbados Youth Business Trust (BYBT)?? at its headquarters on Harbour Road.

Mr. Thompson told his audience that largely as a result of the current economic climate, young people would find it difficult to secure jobs when they leave school. Consequently, he advised them to enhance their ability of securing employment by pursuing higher education and training. ???? ??He further commended the BYBT on offering opportunities for young people to become creative, and thanked them for targeting young people between ages 18 and 35.

He identified that providing employment was in fact a challenge that required a national approach with government looking to entrepreneurs to assist with maintaining employment levels. The Prime Minister cited the green economy as one example of a new focus and the growth of the 4H movement as one positive?? avenue that young people could pursue. He told his audience that if they were to capitalise on the benefits from the Economic Partnership Agreement, then they had to develop businesses that allowed for economies of scale.

Mr. Thompson also remarked that young people were armed with the energy and boldness to succeed and this would be augmented by the programmes of the Ministry of Youth and Family. He said government was also investigating a scheme that would assist small businesses in being paid on time.

The Prime Minister thanked the BYBT for its work, and the mentors for their stewardship. He gave the assurance that government would continue to maintain, and where possible, increase its financial support. ???So your contribution to enterprise culture is very significant and government is more than happy to be associated with the work of the organisation,??? he said. However, he stressed that his administration could not do it alone, and needed the help of all the stakeholders.

Mr. Thompson further congratulated the body for its ongoing support to deserving Barbadians, with over 2,000 persons, so far, having benefitted from their training.

The BYBT???s motto is getting young people started in business by providing them with a non-traditional approach to a traditional problem.



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