Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has described as ???captivating??? the rich history and glossy photographs of the island???s Anglican churches, which is contained in the second edition of Historic Churches of Barbados.

The Prime Minister received a copy of the book today from the author, Professor Sir Henry Fraser, during a brief presentation ceremony at Government Headquarters.

Sir Henry said he hoped the book would be used to develop church tourism, adding that ???church tourism was big all over the world and we have such beautiful churches here???.

The architectural historian said thanks to a generous donation from Sir Richard Cheltenham, who is the chairman of the restoration of St. Michael???s Cathedral, the publication of the second edition became a reality.

He described the book as a ???splendid, hardcover, coffee table, beautiful book with almost 200 pages and 120 photographs???so this is a book that is as beautiful as you can get???.

Sir Henry credited photographer Mike Toy and the layout by graphic artist Neil Barnard for creating the ???eye-catching finished product???.??Prime Minister Stuart thanked Sir Henry for the book and promised to read it and give him feedback on its contents.

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