Prime Minister Freundel Stuart. (FP)

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart. (FP)

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has expressed deepest sympathy and regret to the Government of the Republic of Haiti and the Prime Ministers of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and Jamaica following the passage of Hurricane Matthew.

Mr. Stuart recently offered the empathetic expressions in correspondence sent after the countries were affected by Hurricane Matthew, the strongest storm to impact the Caribbean in almost a decade.

It caused loss of life and destruction in Haiti; widespread flooding and damage to infrastructure and homes in the Bahamas; and damage to property in Jamaica.

The Prime Minister told the Government of Haiti: “I want also to give every assurance of Barbados’ support for Haiti during this difficult period as it seeks to cope with the damage inflicted by Hurricane Matthew.

“The pain of this disaster is felt throughout the Caribbean Community, and we will do whatever is in our power to show our support and solidarity with Haiti, our fellow CARICOM Member State, as it faces this latest trauma,” he said.

In the letter sent to Prime Minister Perry Christie, Mr. Stuart said he hoped the “tenacity for which the Bahamian people are known” gives them strength and resolve at this time.

“With the passage of Hurricane Matthew, the Caribbean Community is once again reminded of the adverse impact of climate change and the particular vulnerabilities faced by our island states. Please be assured of Barbados’ commitment to continue to highlight the urgent need for a robust, global response to climate change adaptation and mitigation,” he stressed.

Mr. Stuart, in his communication to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, expressed heartfelt relief that Jamaica had been spared “the severe devastation, loss of life and disruption to the economy” that some CARICOM countries had experienced as a result of Hurricane Matthew.

He reiterated the effects of climate change on island states and Barbados’ commitment to continue stressing the need for a global answer to climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The Prime Minister also gave the assurance that the prayers and thoughts of the Government and people of Barbados were with those Governments and their people.

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