Prime Minister David Thompson????

Prime Minister David Thompson is currently in New York seeking treatment for a medical complication related to his illness.

In a telephone interview yesterday with journalist, David Ellis, the Prime Minister explained that he had returned to Barbados last week and had resumed his duties, including chairing Cabinet, and working on some economic issues which he indicated would be put in place "in due course".

He added: "And then by Saturday, I had a complication which required me to travel back to New York. I think Barbadians will remember that I did indicate that the nature of my sickness may require me to travel to see the doctors here from time to time. I don’t expect to be here long on this occasion all things being equal, but it was necessary for me to come back."??

Apologising for not giving a medical update on the status of his health after announcing a few months ago that he would be taking a leave of absence, Mr. Thompson indicated that he had given permission to his physician, Dr. Richard Ishmael, "to give Barbadians a medical update, so that you can have a very clear picture of what has been happening".?? ??????

?????????????????? Asked if he was" pushing it too far to try to stay at the helm of the government of Barbados", the Prime Minister stressed that the people of Barbados had elected him, and their first concern was for him to restore his health. "In the circumstances, I believe that if I need to take any course of action that is in the interest of the country that I love, that I will take that course of action.

"At the same time, one doesn’t want to unsettle the social, political or economic environment … This is me speaking to you, and I believe you can work out that my brain is still functioning, that I am able to talk lucidly, that I am still able to carry out my functions, maybe not with the same level of intensity as before… I will in my circumstances do my best, but, all of this at the end of the day depends on the grace of God and his provision for me to carry out this mission," Mr. Thompson stated during the interview.

He reiterated that his interest was in the success of Barbados, noting that there was an acting Prime Minister and a "full government in operation". Prime Minister Thompson also used the opportunity to thank Barbadians for the prayers, love, support, and good wishes which they have extended to him during his illness.????gapplewhaite@barbados.gov.bb

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