Prime Minister David Thompson accepts a plaque in honour of his visit to the Hindsbury Primary School from Khadija Forde of Class 2 Precious.

If you are determined, you can achieve great feats.

These words of encouragement were given to pupils of Hindsbury Primary School today, by Prime Minister David Thompson, while paying a visit there.

Speaking under the theme of determination, the Prime Minister advised the youngsters to aspire to the success of Barbadian athlete, Ryan Brathwaite, describing him as one of the best examples in Barbados today.

Mr. Thompson said: "He is a Barbadian who started out just like you, who went and ran, not just a 110 metres race, but he broke the record and became a gold medal winner for Barbados."??

He added that the star athlete "did not start out running or jumping over hurdles," but that was a skill he had to learn.

"Right now, a Barbadian is the best hurdler in the entire world. And as small as Barbados is,… the fact that we can do so well?? is very important. But he [Ryan] focused on achieving that particular goal. He was determined, he was hard-working, he had friends who supported him and he became successful," Mr. Thompson told the children.

The Prime Minister declared that he was happy with the work of the teachers and thanked the parents for their very important role in making the school so successful.

During the visit, the Prime Minister was treated to renditions of song, music and exhibits of "Barbadiana".

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