Mr.Chairman, Prime Minister Muscat, Your Royal Highness, Mr. Secretary-General of Commonwealth, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Your Excellency President Hollande, Colleague Heads of State and Government of the Commonwealth, Heads of Delegation.

Let me at the outset thank Prime Minister Muscat for convening this special session on climate change. In just a few days we will meet in Paris at the opening of COP-21.

In my capacity as Chair of the Caribbean Community I have placed climate change at the top of my agenda as it presents both a challenge and an opportunity for our region. It is a challenge our region cannot ignore as it threatens the very fabric of our societies and economies.

A timely and ambitious response, however, provides an unparalleled opportunity for our region to be in the forefront of the global transformation to a low carbon climate resilient economy.

This meeting represents the last opportunity for such a diverse group of leaders to infuse much needed political momentum as we move towards COP 21 in Paris.

In this regard we must send clear political messages to our Ministers, negotiators, and the world, of our collective commitment and resolve to finalize an ambitious agreement in Paris that helps us to place the world on a below 2 or 1.5 degree Celsius pathway.

The full speech can be downloaded by clicking here.

Author: Prime Minister's Office

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