Discussions on crime in the region, the economy and LIAT featured prominently, when Prime Minister Freundel Stuart met recently with the new Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, Dr. Timothy Harris.

Mr. Stuart said it was necessary for CARICOM leaders to thoroughly discuss the issue of crime and wrestle it to the ground.

He continued: ???Barbados stands ready to discuss the matter with our partners in the region because we must find solutions to these problems. Whether they are crime or developmental issues, governments can???t address them alone.

“We need the private sector, churches, etc., to assist. If governments fail, the consequences will be felt by all and that is why we have to put our heads together.???

Dr. Harris disclosed that St. Kitts and Nevis was attempting to institute new crime fighting measures, and stated that assistance would be sought from inside, and outside, the region.

When the issues relating to LIAT were raised, Prime Minister Stuart gave Dr. Harris a synopsis of the recent shareholders??? meeting. He said it was necessary for leaders to also talk through the decisions so no country was disadvantaged while LIAT was being put on a sound financial footing.

Mr. Stuart said both countries have enjoyed a cordial relationship, and he looked forward to the deepening of those relations as they continued to cooperate in an effort to enhance the lives of people in the region.

Dr. Harris agreed that both countries have a good relationship, and said that he too was keen to strengthen those bonds. He noted that St. Kitts always had a long professional association with Barbados.


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