HRH Prince Seeiso of Lesotho??addressing the launch of the Sentebale Polo Cup. Looking on are HRH Prince Harry and owner of Apes Hill Polo Club, Sir Charles Williams.

Britain’s Prince Harry has heaped praise on the launching of the Sentebale Polo Cup here in Barbados.

Citing raising money and awareness for underprivileged children in Lesotho as one of the primary reasons for hosting such an event; the Prince pointed out that despite the recent earthquake in Haiti, or years of drought and ravaging by HIV/AIDS in Lesotho, he and his co-patron, Prince Seeiso would not be deterred from reaching their goals.

"We are making a real difference in Lesotho, but it is not straightforward.?? The problems are complex and our work, inevitably, is not without its issues.?? But, we are there for the long-term, and solutions must be sustainable and directed to the point of actual need for the kids on the ground."

While praising the fundraising dinner and benefit concert for Haiti held last Saturday as another "small contribution to a worldwide effort for the suffering," the Prince said "the people and especially the children of that land are so much in our thoughts and prayers at this time."

HRH also told the gathering that he and Prince Seeiso would work with other local organisations that others do not support to aid them in their growth and development.

He further added that they intend to work with the "people of Lesotho to better the fortunes of their children and secure them a brighter future."

Prince Harry lauded Sentebale for its work, noting that "thousands of childrens’ lives had been made better because of the efforts of the Charity and by its wonderful, dedicated partner organisations."??

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