Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald??Jones, admiring an arts and craft display produced by the students of the Princess Margaret Secondary School to mark African Heritage Month. Looking??is Information Officer, Kim Ramsay-Moore.??

School celebrations to commemorate African Heritage Month kicked off yesterday, with a cultural presentation at the Princess Margaret Secondary School.

Students from that school, Reynolds Weekes Primary, St. George Secondary, Bayley’s Primary, St. Mark’s Primary, Society Primary and St. Margaret’s Primary, watched as their peers sang, danced and performed dramatic pieces that highlighted the African experience.?? There was also a display of arts and craft, produced by the students from the various schools present.??

Minister of Education and Human Resource Development Ronald Jones was on hand to talk to the students about the importance of recognising their African Heritage and building on it.

To this end, he encouraged them to consider History as a viable subject to study for the Caribbean Examinations Council’s tests. "Not only does it give you an understanding of Caribbean History, but also of your African Heritage," he pointed out.

The Minister also spoke about the great achievements that Africans in the Caribbean and America have made, making particular reference to Marcus Garvey, Harriett Tubman, Bussa, Nanny Greig and Dr. Martin Luther King.?? "These stalwarts have left a legacy that is still relevant today and many of their words are still an inspiration," he said.

Noting that children needed to be aware that the African continent was not downtrodden, but a place that was rising to great heights, Mr. Jones said: "Africa is not a continent brought to its knees; it is a continent that is rising….we must lend our knowledge and skills, we must open windows of trade to Africa and, hopefully, one day visit that continent.?? I urge you to reconnect."

The cultural presentation was the first of six being held at schools across the island.????

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