Probyn Street Market is expected to “come alive” on Saturday, May 2, when the Ministry of Agriculture officially launches the vendors’ market at that facility.

According to Minister of Agriculture, Senator Haynesley Benn, the once under utilised market place will now house vendors from the soon to be demolished Fairchild Street market complex.

“…We have to move the vendors from Fairchild Street to make room for the demolition of the market.  Now they (the vendors) have complained that out here does not have the hype and the level of activity as the other market; but I want them to know that we are going to hype it, market it and package it so that persons and their customers will know that there is activity over here.”

Commenting that the vendors from Fairchild Street could be re-located as early as June, Senator Benn said that the month of May would be dedicated to promoting the move, so that vendors as well as patrons would grow accustomed to the expectant changes.

In addition, the Minister noted that after the proposed re-location of the Fairchild street vendors was completed, his Ministry would “pay more attention to Cheapside market”. 

“There is a dire need for activity in Cheapside.  In the month of June leading up to Crop Over we are going to be inviting a number of artistes to come and perform.
The facilities are there in Cheapside, there’s a stage and we will ask some schools to come, as well as steel pannists,” he explained.

Mr. Benn pointed out that his Ministry was keen to find places where vendors could display their products, and he revealed that he had been inundated with requests for markets in Six Roads, St. Philip; the Glebe, St. George, as well as the old Bulkeley Factory.

“We want to give an opportunity to people to be part of the vending programme, we encourage it and we will continue to find suitable locations to meet their needs,” he stressed.

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