The Productivity Council will be putting on a series of summer half-day workshops to equip young adults with the skills to improve their personal productivity in the workforce.

The sessions, under the theme Tips for Improving Your Personal and Professional Productivity, will be held from Tuesday, July 10 to Saturday, August 11, at the Council’s office, 3rd Floor, Baobab Towers, Warrens, St. Michael.

The workshops are designed for students of secondary and tertiary institutions, new entrants to the workplace, community and church youth groups and summer campers who are in the 15 to 30 years age group.

During the sessions, participants will be instructed in areas such as Productivity Awareness; Job Interview Tips; Communication Tips; Work Ethics; and Team Work.

Roseann Morris, or Shawn Callender, may be contacted for further details at 626-9416.

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